Vitamin A and Hearing loss.




Animal experiments - The results of animal trials,  performed by  Sir Edward Mellanby,  F.R. Nager,  W.P. Covell,  H.B. Perllman and M. Lovino and V. Lecco,   between 1935 and 1950,    lead  to the knowledge,  that a shortage of vitamin A brings on radical changes in the nervus acusticus and in the inner ear,  and that such deficiency also impairs the hearing of the animals.

2) The clinical trials - The findings coming out of these trials,  were,   since 1949,  tested upon their therapeutical value in  the treatment of human hearing loss:   In the  U.S.A.  by the New York otorhinolaryngologist  M.J. Lobel  (1949)  and by the three otolaryngological  clinics of the universities of  Chicago,  Louisiana  and  Stanford   (1950-51);   in Europa by the otorhinolaryngological  clinic of  Zürich university (1952)  and by the otolaryngologists  F. Leschke  in Cuxhaven,  Germany  (1950-51),   and  Ch. Willemse,  Antwerp,  Belgium  (1952).

3) Summary - The currently available results do show,  that  vitamin A is able to infuence various forms of hearing loss in a positive way.  It has to be supplied,   however,  in  high doses. 

Tinnitus and vitamin A - Sir Edward Mellanby
Sir Edward Mellanby
Secretarian of the British Medical Research Council and
President of the International Technical Commission of
Nutrition.  Well-known  British vitamin- and nutrition-
researcher.     Showed in animal trials (1935-39),    
that vitamin A-deficiency can lead to disorders in the nervus
acusticus and the inner ear,  and that,   as a   consequence
hearing disorders can occur.
These tests were the scientifical basis  for vitamin A-treatment
of hearing loss,  which has,  like the following  report shows,
already lead  to promissing  therapeutical results.
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