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What is tinnitus

Tinnitus is an annoying phenomenon, which usually occurs as a condition related to certain forms of hearing loss. Conditions frequently associated with tinnitus are: Meniere's disease,  presbyacusis,  otosclerosis,   hyperacusis  and  noise damage induced forms of hearing loss.

In many cases the tinnitus is a high-pitched tone.

The frequency (perceived noise you experience) of the tinnitus matches the area where the hearing loss is the most profound.

Simply put, the specific area where the patient hears the least sound from the outside world, is "taken over"  by the noise of tinnitus. 

For the tinnitus sufferer, this noise is a clearly detectable sound, although objectively viewed it does not exist.

Phantom pain from tinnitus

Some doctors do make a comparison for this phenomenon with the so called phantom pain, like sometimes effects people who have undergone an amputation.   They too, experience a sensation in something that isn't there anymore.

Although this form of tinnitus in its self will not be cause of any hazard, the patient will experience it as a very important issue, not in the last place because the noise will be present at almost any given moment. For that reason, tinnitus often leads to other problems too, among which insomnia is frequently to be seen.

  • Important to note:
  • While the tinnitus sufferer will always experience tinnitus noises, he or she will if only for that reason,  not be able to observe sounds from the outside world, the way he would otherwise do.
  • The tinnitus noises is in effect is adding up to the hearing loss that caused the tinnitus in the first place.  

Hearing aids and tinnitus

What are the possibilities to manage or control the effects of tinnitus?   

In case of a substantial hearing loss, using a hearing aid can have a positive effect.

The tinnitus sufferer is offered more sound- as well as better adjusted -  sound from the outside world,  the tinnitus will appear to be less present.  One might say, that the relation between the tinnitus noise and the sound from outside is changed.  In many cases however, wearing a hearing aid will not be a solution.  Many tinnitus patients simply don't have enough loss of hearing to consider a hearing aid as particularly useful.

Using Vitamin A to treat tinnitus

Early  1999,  by coincidence,  I came in   possession of a scientific publication,  which was distributed as far back as 1953 by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche.The brochure werdetailed several studies which were performed in previous years, both in Europe and the U.S.A. regarding the correlation between vitamin deficiency and hearing loss.   

For some reason, not much attention was given to the studies concerned afterwards.  

In the meantime, I have tried this method, and have had excellent results,  I made the content of the publication accessible via the internet.   The original German text was for this purpose translated in English. You will find the link to this translation at the bottom of this page.  A  brief summary is also available.


Taking vitamin A is not entirely free of risk.

  • Vitamin A should only be taken in the correct form and at the correct dosage.
  • The recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded.

The capsules supplied by Alpha Tinnitus Relief Formulas, Inc. in fact contain only Beta-Carotene, a natural substance which your body converts to Vitamin A.

  • Your body only converts the correct amount of Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A that it needs and the rest is simply flushed from the system.
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As important as all this may proveto be for some individual patients, perhaps more important is to keep an open eye for all other possibilities that may also lead to improvement in tinnitus.  That's why we have links to other pages on the internet as well.  You will find them here.
By  request  I  can  send   an  E-mail
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