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Tinnitus is an annoying phenomenon, which usually occurs as a condition related to certain forms of hearing loss. Conditions frequently associated with tinnitus are: Meniere's disease,  presbyacusis,  otosclerosis,   hyperacusis  and  noise damage induced forms of hearing loss.

In many cases the tinnitus is a high-pitched tone.

The frequency (perceived noise you experience) of the tinnitus matches the area where the hearing loss is the most profound.

Simply put, the specific area where the patient hears the least sound from the outside world, is "taken over"  by the noise of tinnitus.

For the tinnitus sufferer, this noise is a clearly detectable sound, although objectively viewed it does not exist.

Cochlear Damage tinnitus

Tinnitus fromm cochlear damage is the most common form of tinnitus and is becoming more and more prevalent with the advent of devices like the iPod and other MP3 players that utilize "ear bud" type speakers.

Cochlear damage tinnitus occurs when the tiny hairs in the cochlea become damaged.

"If you have a field of grass and you walk on it, you compress the grass and it bends down over the night, and in a few days, it springs back up and is OK again. But if you keep doing that over and over, you wear a path in it. And that's kind of what happens with cochlear damage hearing loss and the resultant tinnitus."

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Tinnitus from stress and traumatic life events

This rushed and often hectic life many (in fact most) people are forced to live nowadays, stress plays a huge role in triggering bouts of tinnitus, even though the original cause of the tinnitus is in fact in most cases likely to be cochlea damage.

Another cause of tinnitus is exposure to anxiety and stress over long periods as a result of the loss of a loved one or other situations that you have no control over that affect you emotionally.

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Phantom pain from tinnitus

Some doctors do make a comparison for this phenomenon with the so called phantom pain, like sometimes effects people who have undergone an amputation.   They too, experience a sensation in something that isn't there anymore.

Although this form of tinnitus in its self is not dangerous, the patient will experience it as a very important issue, mainly because the noise will be present at almost any given moment. For that reason, tinnitus often leads to other problems too, which include insomnia, stress, irritablilty and lack of concentration.

Using Vitamin A to treat tinnitus

Early  1999,  by sheer coincidence,  I gained possession of a scientific publication,  which was distributed as far back as 1953 by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche.The brochure detailed several scientific and clinical studies which were performed in previous years, both in Europe and the U.S.A. regarding the correlation between vitamin deficiency and hearing loss.   

  • This research also included the issue of tinnitus. It was claimed,  that  the  administration of Vitamin A  lead to a positive  results in reducing tinnitus.

For some reason, not much attention was given to the studies concerned afterwards.  

Alpha Tinnitus Formulas

One company that took notice of these trials is Alpha Tinnitus Formulas, Inc. who have had enormous success with their vitaman based super tinnitus capsules which also include pharmaceutical grade Gingko Biloba ectract as well other essential vitamins and trace elements.

Taking vitamin A is not entirely free of risk.

  • Vitamin A should only be taken in the correct form and at the correct dosage.
  • The recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded.
  • The high potency capsules as supplied by Alpha Tinnitus Relief Formulas, Inc. in fact contain only Beta-Carotene, which is a natural substance that your body converts to Vitamin A in the correct dosage.
  • Your body only converts the correct amount of Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A that it needs and the rest is simply flushed from the system.


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